about sheryll.


Hi. I'm Sheryll.

I’m based in both Kentucky and Utah. Yes, two completely different states that are nowhere near each other.

I have a big personality and I can get a little loud, but half of me is an introvert. I enjoy meeting new people, baking (and then eating), dancing when no one’s looking, singing loudly in the car, and making lists. I probably own 12 different pairs of sunglasses but only know where 2 of them are. I am scared of heights, clumps (like ants and those little bumps on blackberries), and death. 

If time traveling was real, I would go back to high school and tell myself that bangs were never a good thing for me. EVER.

I firmly believe there is beauty in every single person on this planet and everyone has an interesting story to tell.  I would love to document you. Without props. Without distracting backgrounds. Without tons of airbrushed editing. Without forced poses and uncomfortable smiles. 

So if you're looking for someone to photograph who you genuinely are at this time in your life, I may be your girl. 


The Senior Portrait Session Fee is $375 with no minimum purchase requirement. For the complete pricing guide and info, just hit that "contact" button at the top.

Still accepting a few more spots for Class of 2019, and booking for Class of 2020 will begin on March 1st!